Best Apps Similar to Jarfix

Best Apps Similar to Jarfix


AppCleaner is a great application that lets you delete all the old application data that has been stored in the application cache. The app cache can be quite large and can sometimes cause your device to run slowly. This app not only lets you delete the old data, but it also lets you delete any files that are no longer needed by the app.


iBoost is a process optimization app that allows you to speed up your computer. It is often used to speed up laptops, but it can also be used with desktops. It works by scanning your computer to know what processes are running, and then killing the unnecessary ones. iBoost is an excellent app for computers that are slow.


iTech is a free app that lets you find a technician near you who can fix your device. The app will show you all the technicians in your area and let you choose the one you want to go to.

Repair My Phone

Repair My Phone is a website that helps you fix your broken phone for free. It will show you how to do the replacement yourself and will ship you the parts for free.


iFixit is a free website that provides free, illustrated do-it-yourself guides for how to fix your broken devices. The guides are written by a community of experts who help people learn how to fix electronics with step-by-step instructions.